How Can I Keep PDF Annotations in Sync between My Mac And My Ipad?

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How can I keep PDF annotations in sync between my Mac and my iPad? I want to edit annotate view my PDFs on both Mac and iPad and store in OneDrive. What app can do that?

One great way to have your PDF annotations synced is by using an app that will do this for you. I’ve found two convenient app solutions for this. One app I’d recommend checking out is Markup Pro by Kdan Mobile. There are a lot of features that make working with PDFs easy, with not just synced annotations but many other useful tools to use to your advantage. It’s very easy to collaborate - share all files, web markups, annotations, videos, and documents with your team. It’s easy to back everything up to the cloud of your choice, and you can also copy files while connected to Wi-Fi or the Open-in feature. The second app I’ve found that works for this is iAnnotate. iAnnotate works for Apple products and syncs perfectly with Dropbox. With this app, you can highlight, draw, stamp, underline, and more in your PDF documents. These documents and their changes are saved in the cloud for easy sharing and collaboration. With either of these apps, you will be able to keep your PDF annotations synced whether changes are made on your iPad or Mac. Disclaimer. I am part of Kdan’s team and my answers might be a bit biased.

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