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How do I watermark PDF's on Mac?

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Note: The “Quick Actions” appear only when Finder is first launched. Once in Finder, you can't move this menu back to ‛Quick Preferences”; you have to go to Quick Preferences or tools & Preferences” and click remove” to get rid of it. How to Move Watermarks from Photos, JPG, or PNG to Digital Photos With this process you would move the watermark to a new PDF, then convert the edited PDF to .DOG format. Open Photo Capture. (See: How to Create Digital Photos.) Choose Photoshop from the menu. Open the ‛Thumbnail Images” panel. Click the ‛Add button in the left panel of “All thumbnails.” In the bottom list, next to ‛All thumbnails”, click ‛Browse” and browse to the folder containing your digital photo files. From the ‛Browse” window choose the folder where you kept your original watermark images. The watermark and other files will go there. Click.

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