Is there a Good Online Tool That Would Allow Me to Upload a PDF?

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Is there a good online tool that would allow me to upload a pdf, view it from multiple devices (mac, pc, iPhone), and add annotations?

The question is where to? Where is the pdf located on the phone? Where to If it is a web page, then it depends on the web page. The web page needs to accept uploads. Find the upload link. Click on it. From which app Then chose the file from the iPhone Files app or from other apps that enable uploads. Apps that support uploads will be shown in the menu that appears on the phone when you click the upload link.

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Annotate PDF: All You Need to Know

Once viewed, the file in the Dropbox is uploaded as an attachment. What is really cool here is that if you want, you can upload any type of document, or you can just leave the PDF file as a blank document so that you don't have to worry about uploading anything. This is really helpful for getting things out of your head when working. This also shows the next step. 2: Use a Mac to read from Documents folder If the PDF was on your computer, and you want to read it on another machine or device, here's how you can do it. Start up a separate instance of Nitro PDF Reader. From any window, open a PDF document. Once opened, go to the 'Extensions' tab. Find the option marked 'Other Files' (the icon will be purple). Select the PDF file you want on another machine (or in a separate instance of Nitro.