Is there Any Way to Search within PDF Annotation And?

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Is there any way to search within PDF annotation and/or notes?

Really good question. Unfortunately right now I only have a partial answer. There are public domain programs that can extract text from PDF. Not sure about annotations. You can try it and see if you can pick out what you want with a search engine or script. One such program is PDF2Text. Download PDF2Text Pilot from SourceForge. (SourceForge vets its SW, while nothing is guaranteed, I have yet to have problems with this site.) One of the Linux utilities, say grep, is a good text search engine. The instructions on how to install Linux (UNIX) utilities are contained here. How does the "Linux Subsystem for Windows" sound to you? Do a web search on how to use grep, the combination of grep and PDF2Text might save you a lot of work.

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Annotate PDF: All You Need to Know

So you can search within any annotations you have created. The syntax of the search is as follows: (filename of annotation file|subfolder/path), (name of annotation file), ..., (metadata) In our example, the search would be “File/Subfolder/Path/Incorporated”. You can type (or copy-paste) a URL in the box before the search to get an annotated file with metadata of that URL! The file will be indexed, and can be downloaded or opened for viewing. I would suggest you always remember to update your Spotlight to the latest version (see bottom of post). As long as you keep Spotlight on Lion to have search in your annotations, it is a pretty powerful tool. Hope this helps.