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What are must-have iPad apps?

ProofHub ProofHub is an all-in-one project management software that solves all the problems that a growing team might face. It’s one place for your projects, teams, and work-related information. NASA, Disney, Netflix, Taco Bell and many more love how ProofHub has made managing work simpler than ever. Top features. Brings down the project delivery time Better control over projects and time collaboration Achieve better work satisfaction 2. iWork Apple made the iWork suite of productivity apps free to anyone buying a new iPad or iPhone, which instantly makes them some of the best free apps for getting something done on the iPad. The iWork suite includes Pages, a word processor, Numbers, a spreadsheet, and Keynote, which is great for creating and viewing presentations. If you would rather skip Microsoft Office, or need functionality that can only be unlocked with the subscription, iWork is a great alternative. 3. Dropbox If you are going to be productive with your iPad, you will probably need to get some files from your PC or Mac onto your iPad. That's where Dropbox comes into the picture. Perhaps the easiest ways to gain access to your word processor documents and spreadsheets, Dropbox gives you up to 2 GB of free space before you need to upgrade to a premium account. 4. MyScript Calculator A conventional calculator is great for doing quick arithmetic, but what if you want to multiply 26 by 42, divide the answer by 8 and then add 4? You can do it on a calculator, but it's much easier to just write out the entire calculation at one time rather than calculating it one piece at a time. That's what MyScript Calculator does. It takes a handwritten calculation and does the math for you. 5. Dictionary.com How many people can brag about carrying around two million words in their tote bag? That's just the type of ability the Dictionary.com app will give you, though unless want to be considered some type of book geek, you might not want to actually brag about it. The Dictionary.com app doesn't require an internet connection to check out words, so you'll always have quick access to check your spelling, check the meaning of an unfamiliar term or just look up synonyms in the thesaurus. You can even tap the microphone and speak the word you are looking up. 6. Pocket Ever come across an interesting article or website but didn't have time to really enjoy it? Pocket is the best way to save these websites for later because with Pocket, you don't need an internet connection to read a website. When you pocket an article or video, it saves it across all of your devices, making it easy to find again no matter where you are or which device you have on you. 7. iTranslate We might not quite be up to Star Trek standards, but the universal translator concept got a little bit closer when iTranslate hit the app store. Serving up over 50 languages, iTranslate even has some popular languages with free voices, which means you can hear how to properly pronounce the words rather than just reading the text. It even has built-in voice recognition, though you'll have to buy transactions to get access to that feature. 8. LiquidText LiquidText can be used to view documents from PDFs to PowerPoint presentations to web pages and then pull out bits and pieces to form a unique document. This makes it great for working on work presentations or research projects. You can also save your work in a variety of cloud-based storage options like Dropbox or iCloud Drive. The pro version allows you to work on multiple documents at a time.

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I am also a big fan of the iPad... I use an iPad for drawing, for work, for drawing. I don't own an iPad, but I would recommend it to anyone. If you don't have anything to say...just go to More Paths and buy what you like. I'm not telling you to buy anything. I am a very small town guy, I live in a dorm. Furthermore, I can't go outside much. However, in my room I have several things I like to draw...the internet, my TV and a big laptop. I do many drawings, as well as some paintings... ...it's very hard to find that kind of tablet for the price of this... I don't think it's hard to use a pen on the iPad...there are many pens you can use as stylus (or not as a stylus...not everyone thinks about it that way). I have tried the Pencil...and it works.

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