What Are the Best PDF Annotation Tools in Ubuntu Linux?

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What are the best PDF annotation tools in Ubuntu Linux?

In my opinion, evince is superior to xpdf as a document viewer. The built-in PDF viewers in Firefox and Chrome are good, too. Calibre, the e-book reader, also displays PDF files. You can import PDF pages into image frames in LibreOffice Writer, use a PDF page as a background image, or edit PDF documents in LibreOffice Draw. The GIMP will open PDF pages. You can import PDF pages into image frames in Scribus. KDE’s Ocular app can display and edit PDFs. On the command line, qpdf and the PDF transf...

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However, it is very hard to work with. You have to select each and every word, and there can be up to hundreds of words in a paragraph. Furthermore, I can't edit it directly, and I don't know if others can have any idea how bad it really is, or how difficult it is to work with. I don't want to spend 50 on Adobe Acrobat Reader just for this kind of thing. How do I edit the text? I had to buy an application called “Word star”. I think that it's the best editor that I have used, and for good reasons. It's very flexible and easy to use (because it's free — you wouldn't want to pay to be able to use this software), and it works on Mac and PC. One thing is worth pointing out — you can add more than one word to every line..