What Are the Promising Startups Looking to Disrupt Education?

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What are the promising startups looking to disrupt education?

Here are a number of markets waiting to be disrupted with mobile Technologies. Health monitoring—In hospital bed site health monitoring is a essential service. A number of medical equipment makers like HP, GE or Philips are in business in making them. Once smartphones are connected with wearable sensors to monitor and share those signals—a disruptive force started to emerge. Smartphone ultrasound machines—ultrasound imaging is an essential diagnostic tool. But to get this imaging done patents are required to visit imaging centers. Once powerful software is loaded on smartphone to process data produced by ultrasound probes, and visualize them—a disruptive force is crated. Already this force has started to emerge. Financial services and bill payments—often we go to bank to send fund or pay bill, but smartphone based payment system is emerging to cause disruption to this type of financial services. And many more…

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The following are some of the different technologies that are changing the way we do business and how we create value. 1. Mobile and Mobile-Friendly Content Marketing—Mobile marketing is the leading content marketing strategy of 2016. 2. Mobile Application Market Share—A recent research by Pivotal Research has placed the mobile app market share at 17.3% by 2018. 3. Social Apps Market Share—According to a research report compiled by Pivotal Research—the number of social app market share is expected to reach 23.6% by 2017. 4. Mobile Banking Market Share—A recently conducted global survey of 7500 respondents by McKinsey & Company on the Banking Sector in Asia-Pacific found that the banking landscape is evolving away from “fee-based” models such as check cashing and overdraft to “micro-payments.” 5. Telemarketing Market in Singapore—Telemarketing market in Singapore is at the highest level ever in the country. It also has the highest penetration rate of over 12%. 6..